Before registering VTC service, please read carefully and accept the following agreements
By accessing or using the entire services of the VTC Online, users agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. To use our services, users must register and provide personal data, including account names, passwords, and valid email address

1. VTC Online Indonesia as the game publisher and multimedia company, have the right to make the following provision as a condition that must be adhered to the user to be able to use the service.
2. You are requested to register for ID to be able to use the services of PT. VTC Online Indonesia, by providing your complete personal data, accurate and up to date. PT. VTC Online Indonesia is not responsible if any problems occur because of an error filling registration data.
3. PT. VTC Online Indonesia ensure the confidentiality of all registration data is completed by the customer and will not provide such information to any party.
4. PT. VTC Online Indonesia is not responsible about lost ID or password by hacking, keylogger, fraud or negligence of the user. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your own ID and password.

1. Ebank ID
2. Password
3. User Number
4. Valid and Active Email
5. Address as stated on the ID card / driving license
6. Phone Number
7. Security Question

Data that must be saved by customer as good as possible
5. You are also asked to perform preventive action in protecting and safeguarding the stability of operating systems, data security and ID of your own computer.  PT. VTC Online Indonesia is not responsible for any damage or loss causing from viruses, spyware or hacking from other parties that try  to retrieve your data.

1. You are responsible for delivering actions, words and messages , either in game or in forums that are under the service of PT. VTC Online Indonesia
2. You are not allowed to gain an advantage by utilizing the services provided by PT. VTC Online Indonesia.
3. Every element that contained on the PT. VTC Online Indonesia services, owned by PT. VTC Online Indonesia VTC Online Indonesia
4. PT. VTC Online is not responsible for any loss that happen from your negligence, related to your ID or contents contained in the ID.
5. You are not allowed to make, distribute, sell, buy all the products that patent / copyright by our services without permission from PT. VTC Online Indonesia.
6. You are required to comply with service rules set by PT. VTC Online Indonesia. Company have the right to provide sanctions or even block players ID who violate the company's service rules.
7. You agree not to use the facilities, servers and networks that used for our service to gain unauthorized access to the system or other network. When you break it, then we are entitled to sue you (whether civil or criminal demands).
8. You agree to only use client and the services provided by PT. VTC Online Indonesia through existing media distribution. We are not responsible for the consequences use of outside service client that we have provided.
9. We do not condone abuse of the system error, If the customer proved to consciously and deliberately take advantage of an error in the system found on any of our products, PT. VTC Online Indonesia will provide the appropriate sanction.
 10. PT. VTC Online Indonesia can make changes on the website service, regulatory and User Agreement available to improve the quality of services provided, without having to make prior notice. We suggest our customers to routinely visit the website, forum or fan pages of PT. VTC Online Indonesia to get the latest news.
11. PT. VTC Online Indonesia reserves the right to change any content service containing negative messages against a particular community (of harassment, humiliation, SARA), provocative messages (terrorism, cracking, hacking, piracy, etc.) or other messages deemed inappropriate.
12. You agree to indemnify PT. VTC Online Indonesia and all his staff and others who work with PT. VTC Online from claims and losses resulting from his actions, behaviors and messages written by you in the game, forum and website services.
13. If needed, PT. VTC Online Indonesia have  the right to take legal action against violations of this User Agreement or the actions deemed detrimental to the company as the holder of patent services.
 14. In the event of problems in the provision of services to its customers, PT. VTC Online Indonesia  have the right to limit or even terminate service at any time without obligation to give prior notice. PT. VTC Online Indonesia may provide an explanation of the problem in accordance with company policy in the future.

By agree to use the services provided by PT. VTC Online Indonesia , you are also considered to agree comply with all points User Agreement and regulations in the service of PT. VTC Online Indonesia.
Sanctions will be provided with properly if you break the rules mentioned above.