VTC was founded in Vietnam since 1988. Nowadays VTC has a University and 18 sub-company with more than 2000 staff. VTC are working in media, service, telekom.VTC have a TV station, newspaper, magazine, online news, SMS content, etc.

The ambition is going global, VTC have been reach China, Korea, Russia, Cambodia, Laos and many more soon.

VTC Building in Vietnam

Nowadays VTC online is one of the biggest publisher company in Vietnam.  Many success game have been published in Vietnam by VTC online such as Audition, Cross Fire, FIFA online 2, Atlantica, Sam Kok.

VTC is reaching indonesia now and for the first game to publish in Indonesia is Sam Kok, web based game is very easy to play and don’t need to instalation, download or disk. With a real time strategy makes players can interaction directly to build the city, doling some trading also have war with the other players. Sam kok is the most populer web based game in China, Vietnam and Korea.